Loud rumblings can literally be heard in the press before big tournaments and championships. The game with the angular ball enjoys increased attention from the broader reaches of the press and media landscape. Other people's comments and articles on TIPP-KICK…

Wednesday, May/05/2010

Shooting from the hip

After eight and a half decades, the table football game Tipp-Kick is going female. On the one hand, it is high time, but on the other hand very complicated – boss Mathias Mieg in an exclusive interview.

Friday, February/29/2008

11Freunde, March 2008

Socceroos discover Tipp-Kick: The zinc figures conquer the Australian market.

Tuesday, October/16/2007

Die Tageszeitung (taz), 16.10.07

Victory at the press of a button Tipp-Kick is the more elegant form of table football. On winners and losers at the most important tournament in the world in Puchheim, Bavaria.

Tuesday, June/20/2006

www.dw-world.de, 18/06/06

Germany's Quirky Table-Soccer Game Goes Global For more than 80 years, a quirky tabletop soccer game called Tipp-Kick has been a well-kept German secret. But not for much longer -- the game is getting an international following.